Replacement Services

Ensure your UPS continues to provide reliable backup power even after the warranty expires. Make sure your inverter continues to provide smooth power conversion even after the original battery warranty concludes.

Replacement of Batteries for UPS

Extend the life and reliability of your uninterruptible power supply with our Replacement of Batteries service for UPS. When your UPS batteries reach the end of their warranty period or show signs of aging, we offer:

  • Battery Assessment: A thorough examination of your UPS battery system to identify battery wear and performance degradation.
  • Battery Sourcing: Procurement of high-quality, compatible replacement batteries for your specific UPS model.
  • Professional Installation: Expert installation of new batteries with precision connections and safety precautions.
  • Battery Disposal: Environmentally responsible disposal of old batteries in compliance with disposal regulations.
  • Load Testing: Verification that the UPS functions optimally under load with the new batteries.
  • Battery Warranty: Provision of a new warranty for the replaced UPS batteries for added peace of mind.

Replacement of Batteries for Inverters

Keep your inverter functioning at its best with our Replacement of Batteries service tailored to inverter systems. When your inverter batteries age out of warranty or display reduced performance, we offer:

  • Battery Inspection: Comprehensive battery assessment to gauge the state of battery health and functionality.
  • Battery Selection: Sourcing high-quality, compatible replacement batteries suited to your inverter model.
  • Expert Installation: Professional installation of fresh batteries to ensure precise connections and safety.
  • Eco-Friendly Disposal: Environmentally compliant disposal of old batteries to safeguard the environment.
  • Load Testing: Validation of inverter performance under load conditions with the new batteries.
  • New Battery Warranty: Furnishing a new warranty for the replaced inverter batteries to guarantee reliable performance.

Maintain optimal performance: Extend your inverter battery‘s lifespan with our convenient water top-up service.