Service Specialists for Backup & Conditioned Power Equipment

Servicing uninterrupted power supply (UPS), inverters and home UPS, batteries, servo-controlled voltage stabilizers (SCVS), isolation transformers (IT) and ultra isolation transformers (UIT)

Power backup and conditioning products require services throughout their useful life.

Power backup and conditioning devices and equipment are meant to protect electrical and electronic loads. As such, they must themselves function properly and run uninterruptedly. While they are engineered for high reliability, they do need many post-sale services. They cannot be commissioned out-of-the-box and a fit-and-forget approach is not a viable option.

Lifecycle Services


Testing for the working condition of a UPS, inverter, or connected batteries.


One-time maintenance of a UPS, inverter, stabilizer or isolation transformer.


Annual maintenance contract for an out-of-warranty UPS or inverter, excluding batteries.


One-time repair of a UPS, inverter, stabilizer or isolation transformer.


Prompt installation of a UPS or inverter solution, a stabilizer, or an isolation transformer.


Prompt replacement of out-of-warranty batteries for a UPS or inverter system.

Water Top-up

One-time water top-up of inverter batteries. Recommended every quarter.

Electrical Wiring

Input and output wiring for a UPS, inverter, stabilizer or isolation transformer.