Installation Services

Our installation services are designed to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your power backup and conditioning equipment have been expertly installed for optimal performance. Whether it’s a UPS, inverter, servo stabilizer, or isolation transformer, our team ensures a smooth setup to meet your specific electrical needs.

UPS Installation Services

Ensure a seamless installation of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. Our experts will:

  • Assess your power requirements and critical load.
  • Recommend the right UPS capacity and type for your needs.
  • Professionally install the UPS unit with proper electrical connections.
  • Configure the UPS settings for optimal performance.
  • Conduct thorough testing to ensure the UPS functions correctly.
  • Provide guidance on UPS operation and maintenance.

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Inverter Installation Services

Experience a hassle-free installation of inverters. Our installation service includes:

  • Determining your load and power needs.
  • Selecting the appropriate inverter capacity.
  • Installing the inverter unit and battery system.
  • Ensuring proper wiring and connections.
  • Testing the inverter for reliable operation.
  • Offering instructions on using and maintaining the inverter.

Servo Stabilizer Installation Services

Guarantee a reliable voltage stabilization solution. Our installation services:

  • Evaluate your voltage requirements and load.
  • Recommend the suitable servo stabilizer capacity.
  • Expertly install the stabilizer unit.
  • Ensure proper electrical connections.
  • Verify voltage stability after installation.
  • Provide operational guidance and maintenance recommendations.

Isolation Transformer Installation Services

Enhance electrical safety with our isolation transformer installation:

  • Analyze your electrical system’s needs.
  • Choose the right isolation transformer specifications.
  • Skillfully install the transformer unit.
  • Establish proper electrical connections.
  • Verify the isolation function and safety.
  • Offer guidance on using and maintaining the transformer.