What is a Home UPS or Inverter?

Many customers often ask us whether a home UPS and an inverter are the same or different. Let’s clarify this burning question and shed light on these backup power solutions that have become indispensable in our lives.

A Backup Power Solution

A home UPS or inverter serves as a reliable backup power source when the mains alternating current (AC) supply from the electricity board fails. During power outages, the home UPS/inverter supplies power to connected electrical and electronic devices at your home, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

Inverting DC to AC

The core of a home UPS/inverter is a battery that stores DC power. When the mains power fails, the inverter technology comes into play, converting the DC power from the battery into the AC power needed for the connected loads. Hence, the name “inverter” – it inverts DC to AC power. Home inverters are specifically designed for residential use, providing a seamless power transition during outages.

Home Inverter for Lights and Fans, Including LED Lights

Home inverters are well-suited to power essential loads like lights and fans. These loads can endure the brief transition time to the battery source when mains power is lost. For example, a fan in motion will continue rotating due to its momentum during the milliseconds it takes for the inverter to kick in with battery power. Similarly, the human eye cannot detect when fluorescent tube lights stop flickering during this quick switch to battery backup.

Home inverters are not only suitable for powering traditional lights and fans but also modern LED lights. LED lights have gained immense popularity due to their energy efficiency and longer lifespan. When connected to a home inverter, LED lights continue to operate seamlessly during power outages, thanks to the inverter’s quick switchover to battery backup.

LED lights, being highly energy-efficient, draw less power from the battery, allowing the inverter to provide extended backup time. With the combination of a home inverter and LED lights, you can illuminate your home efficiently and sustainably even in the darkest hours.

Home UPS for Computers, Routers, and LED Lights

While home inverters work well for lights and fans, they may not be suitable for sensitive electronic loads like computers and routers. Such devices have “switched-mode power supplies” (SMPS) that provide a few milliseconds of power backup after the mains supply is lost.

Traditional home inverters may not switch to battery power before the SMPS hold-up time is over, leading to disruptions. To ensure a seamless backup for these sensitive loads, a home UPS with near-instantaneous transfer to battery power is required. Additionally, a home UPS includes an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) to condition the input mains supply before supplying it to computers and routers.

A home UPS not only ensures an uninterrupted power supply for computers and routers but also caters to the power needs of sensitive LED lights. LED lights, like computers and routers, are vulnerable to voltage fluctuations and power surges.

With a home UPS offering near-instantaneous transfer to battery power and incorporating an automatic voltage regulator (AVR), you can rest assured that your LED lights will receive stable and conditioned power, protecting them from potential damages.

Whether it’s during work, study, or relaxation, the combination of a home UPS and LED lights ensures a seamless experience even when the mains power is down.

Two-in-One Systems

The models we offer are versatile two-in-one systems, serving as both a home UPS and an inverter. You can conveniently toggle between UPS mode and inverter mode using a switch on the unit. In UPS mode, you can power your computer and router with added protection from AVR. However, this mode may lead to power losses and higher electricity bills. On the other hand, inverter mode bypasses the AVR, connecting the mains directly to the loads. This eco mode ensures no increase in your electricity bill and offers a cost-effective solution.

Our offered models provide the flexibility and efficiency you need to meet your power backup requirements. With our home UPS and inverter combination, you can enjoy uninterrupted power for lights, fans, computers, and routers, empowering you to stay connected and productive even during power outages.


In summary, home inverters and UPS systems have become essential backup power solutions for both traditional and modern electrical loads. From powering lights and fans to sensitive devices like computers, routers, and LED lights, these versatile systems offer a lifeline during power outages.

With their ability to provide quick switchover to battery backup and conditioned power, home inverters and UPS ensure the safety and functionality of your electrical equipment.

Invest in these reliable power solutions to experience uninterrupted power supply and peace of mind, even during the most challenging situations.