Our Brand Story

Humble Beginnings and Visionary Insights (2009-2011)

In 2009, we started our journey in the traditional field of selling and servicing backup and conditioned power equipment. It was a time of intensive field sales and service efforts, a hands-on approach that laid the foundation for our deep understanding of the power equipment market. By 2011, we noticed a paradigm shift: a single electrical retail store was outperforming our fleet of sales representatives. This pivotal realization sparked the idea of scaling our business through a chain of retail stores.

The Birth of "Ohm Electricals" (2011-2013)

As we brainstormed our new venture, we observed a trend in the naming of retail outlets in India, particularly in the electrical sector, with names often inspired by the Hindu mantra “Om”. This insight led to a creative eureka moment. “Om” resonated with spirituality and tradition, while “Ohm” is a fundamental term in electrical engineering, representing Ohm’s Law. Thus, “Ohm Electricals” was born—a name that perfectly bridged the cultural with the technical.

Our First Logo Unveiled in 2013

Going Live with Ecommerce (2013)

In 2013, we took our concept to the next level. Seeing a growing opportunity in B2C ecommerce, particularly for products like small computer UPS, home inverters, and stabilizers, we registered the domain ohmelectricals.com and launched our online retail store. This move marked our entry into the digital marketplace, bringing our quality products directly to consumers nationwide.

Brick-and-Mortar Learnings (2016-2017)

With a vision to integrate physical retail with our online presence, we opened our first Ohm Electricals retail store in Raidurgam, Hyderabad, in 2016. Running this store for about a year provided us with invaluable insights into the operational costs and profit margins of a brick-and-mortar establishment. These learnings prompted us to refine our strategy, leading to the decision to adopt a smaller retail format and focus on finding the optimal location.

Finding the Perfect Location (2017-2023)

Our perseverance paid off when we secured a prime location on a bustling main road near an upscale neighborhood with ongoing residential construction. This spot was a confluence of diverse customer segments: walk-in electricians, local residents from lower-middle-class backgrounds, commuters on a busy thoroughfare, and affluent homeowners nearby. This strategic positioning was key to the success of our retail store.

The New Era: Ohm Electricals (2023-Present)

In 2023, we founded Ohm Electricals as an independent startup with a bold vision: to create a pan-India brand that combines the strengths of ecommerce and small-format retail outlets. Our mission is to become the gold standard in the sales and service of power equipment, leveraging our rich history, market insights, and innovative approach to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Customer-First Ethos

From the beginning, we have been obsessed with providing superior service to our customers and never letting them down. Power equipment has a long lifetime and naturally requires servicing throughout its lifespan. This has compelled us to serve our customers with utmost care and dedication. Our customer-first ethos has become part of our core DNA, reflected in our reviews, ratings, repeat business, and customer loyalty.

Through dedication, innovation, and a deep understanding of our industry, we continue to build Ohm Electricals into a trusted name synonymous with quality and reliability in power equipment. Join us on this exciting journey as we light up homes and businesses across India.