Solarium Neo 3L Instant Water Heater

ABS body

Weldless tank

3L tank capacity

Smart LED Indication

Overheat protection

Rust-proof body


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Powerful Heating Element
The 3000-watt high quality copper heating element material ensures fast heating of water and provides the perfect hot water anytime of the day.

Suitable for Highrise Buildings
The Solarium Neo is suitable for use in high rise buildings and can withstand pressure up to 6.5 kg/cm2.

Durable Rust Proof Body
Your Solarium Neo comes with a durable body that offers toughness and heat resistance.

Advanced 4-Level Safety
Crompton Instant Water Heaters come with Capillary Thermostat, automatic Thermal Cut-Off, a Pressure Release Valve and a fusible plug to give 4 layers of safety.

Long Life SS Tank
Featuring a high-grade 304L Stainless Steel tank with a single weld line to reduce the chances of tank leakage thus ensuring longer life.

Neon Indicators
Equipped with Neon indicators, the water heater displays a green light when the Perfect Hot Water is ready to use.

Smart Health Protection
The nickel coated copper heating element prevents scale formation, thus ensuring healthy, perfect hot water at all times and for an increased lifespan of the product.

Anti- Siphon Protection
The water heater is designed to prevent any backflow of water from the tank and protects the heating element from any dry heating damage.

Pair your instant water heater with the reliability of  Anchor Penta Capton 6A with 4 filing holes for seamless control and enhanced safety in your bathroom.