K-Rated Isolation Transformer 3 Phase up to 1000 kVA

K-rated isolation transformer is used to deliver conditioned power to a nonlinear high-harmonic current load and operate at safe temperatures while minimizing the harmonic currents.

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Input Voltage: 415 V, 3 Phase Delta

Output Voltage: 415 V, 3 Phase Star

Double wound, high isolation

Double-sized neutral

Insulation class “H”

Regulation better than 3.5%

Overload rating of 100% for 10 sec

Core of CRGO and conductor of copper

Natural or forced air-cooled

As per IS:2026 standards

Attenuation: 80 db/100 db CMRR

Primary connect as DELTA, secondary connection as STAR

Efficiency of transformer: > 98%

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K-1, K-4, K-9, K-13, K-20