AMAZE AQ 1275+ 1100 VA, 12 V Inverter

The Inverter Promises you the best working of your basic load easily up to 924W. It offers higher voltage output with Boost mode which provides higher efficiency of the connected appliances like fans and kitchen appliances.

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VA Rating 1100VA / 12V

Modified square wave inverter

Supports single battery

Boost mode to increase efficiency

Compatible with tubular, flat plate & SMF batteries

Application area – home, office & small commercial establishment

Running appliances – fans, laptops, LED TV, lights, personal computer

Pair your inverter with our efficient inverter batteries for a reliable and seamless power backup solution.

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Boost mode increases the output voltage which improves the performance of the appliances. Boost mode can be switched on by pressing ON/OFF button for 3 seconds
Batttery chaging commences even at as low as 95V mains input keeps the battery charged even at low mains conditions
Three step Battery current selection switch as per battery capacity and compatible with all battery types Tubular, Flat plate and SMF
Eco/UPS mode selectable through back panel swith for unregulated and regulated mode setting


Application area – Ideal rating for Home, Office and Shop
VA Rating – 1100VA
Technology – Modified Square wave
No. of batteries supported (12V) – 1N (One Number)
Max Charging Current (in Amperes) – 17 Amp
Net weight (in kg.) – 10.3
Dimension (in cm) – 30.5X27.5X14
Running appliances – Fans, Laptops, LED TV, Lights, Personal computer.
Supported battery types – Flat, Tubular, SMF
Protections – Battery Deep Discharge, Overload, Short-circuit, Over Temperature
Product Quantity – 1N (One Number)
Contents – 1 N Inverter, 1 N Warranty card
Warranty – 24 Months (For detailed terms and conditions of warranty please refer to the warranty card supplied along with the product)
Country of orgin – Made in India