Amaze AN 4500+ Inverter

  • In-built TDR for running appliances with high inrush current (e.g. AC)
  • Saving the overall system cost of installation as inverter is capable of running similar loads with less number of batteries
  • Saves battery life through user settable multi-functional buttons which optimize the current as per the battery capacity
  • Advanced LCD display which shows system performance throughout the day
  • Easy by-pass switch in case of device fault and AC and DC MCB for short circuit and overload protection

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Pure sine wave inverter

Capacity : 4000VA / 36V

Rated power : 3200 W

Supports 3 * 12V batteries

Compatible with tubular, flat plate & SMF

Running appliances: 1 ton air conditioner, LED TV + STB, refrigerator, kitchen appliances like mixer grinder/ juicer/ microwave, LED lights and fans