APC Back-UPS 1100VA, 230V, without auto shutdown software, 5 India outlets (1 surge)

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This product is part of the Back-UPS range. This 1100VA UPS has 5 total outlets, 4 outlets provide UPS power backup and surge protection, and one outlet offers surge protection only. It features a built-in AVR and is compatible with low power loads (e.g. Wi-Fi router, DSL modem). Its runtime at 100 Watts is 33 minutes. Its dimensions are 28.2 x 13.2 x 25.9 cm and 8.98 kg. APC Back-UPS is an ideal power backup and protection for home offices, desktop PCs, home entertainment systems, wifi-routers, and electronic devices.

Run time for load 660 W: 0min 43s
Max. Capacity Used: 100 %
Main Input Voltage: 230 V
Rated power in W: 660 W
Rated power in VA: 1100 VA
Output connection type: 4 India 3-pin 6A, 1 India 3-pin 6A surge
Cable length: 1.52 m
Number of cables: 1
Battery type: Lead-acid battery

Batteries & Runtime
Number of battery-filled slots: 0
Number of battery-free slots: 0
Battery recharge time: 6 h
Number of battery replacement quantity: 2
Battery voltage: 24 V
Battery power in VAH: 128 VAh runtime
Extended runtime: 0
Replacement battery: RBC2

Color: Black
Height: 28.2 cm
Width: 13.2 cm
Depth: 25.9 cm
Product weight: 8.98 kg
Mounting preference: No preference
Mounting mode: Not rack-mountable
Two post mountable: 0
USB compatible: No

Network frequency: 45…65 Hz auto-sensing
Plug standard: India 3-pin 6A
Input voltage limits:145…290 V
Switching current capacity: 7 A

Maximum configurable power in W: 660 W
Output frequency: 50 Hz sync to mains
UPS type: Line interactive
Wave type: Stepped approximation to a sinewave
Efficiency: 72 % (full load), 84 % (half load)
Full load runtime: 660 W
Maximum configurable power in VA: 1100 VA
Transfer time: 10 ms typical, 12 ms maximum

Communications & Management
Control panel: LED status display with online, on battery, replace battery, and overload indicators
Alarm: Alarm when on battery, distinctive low battery alarm, overload continuous tone alarm