Amaze 2036ST 150 Ah Inverter Battery

The economical range of tubular inverter batteries with high performance, made using rugged tubular plates. These batteries require minimum maintenaince and withstand long and frequent power cuts.

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Super charged performance

Tubular Plate design, Suitable for frequent power cut areas

High back-up performance

Excellent overcharge resistance

Minimum Maintenance

Factory charged – Ready to use

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Additional information


2036ST, Lead Acid Storage Battery.

Capacity 150 Ah

Battery warranty 18 (Free of Cost) + 18* (Pro-rata)*

Weight 43.5 Kg

Battery voltage 12V

Battery dimension 50.5 x 22 x 30.8 (All dimensions in cm.)

Packaging inclusion 1 N Battery, 6 N Float Indicator, 1 N Warranty Card, 2N MS fasteners