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Isolation Transformers

Ohm Electricals is a leading supplier of Isolation Transformer including single phase, three phase, k-rated, and ultra isolation transformers that are highly demanded by customers. As one of the rising isolation transformer suppliers from India to Indonesia, our company aims to reach the peak of performance.

We are offering our customers an excellent quality range of transformers that are manufactured using quality raw materials, quality checked by our team of experienced professionals, and made available to our customers at the most competitive prices.


What is an Isolation Transformer?

Single Phase, Three Phase, and K-Rated
Isolation and Ultra Isolation Tranformers

for arresting high-frequency power quality problems in low voltage (LV) distribution networks

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Isolation Transfomer?
An Isolation Transformer is a transformer that protects circuits, equipment, and people from shocks and short circuits as well as helps make accurate measurements by providing electrical isolation. By isolation we mean galvanic isolation, that is, there is no direct conduction path or physical connection for the current to flow. The Isolation Transformer uses magnetic flux to transfer power and signals across the separated circuits.

Unlike regular transformers, the main purpose of Isolation Transformers is to provide galvanic isolation in the electrical system. Although they can work as step-up or step-down transformers, they often have a 1:1 turns ratio. This means that the number of turns on the primary and secondary windings in an Isolation Transformer are equal and the primary and secondary voltage values are equal.

What is an Ultra Isolation Transformer?
The Isolation Transformer isolates primary and secondary, generates a non-corrupt fresh neutral and with zero neutral to ground voltage. You may have 1:1 ratio, step up, or step down voltages as desired.

However, Single-Phase and Three-Phase power supplies include spikes, noises, harmonics, neutral failures, etc. that interfere with power quality. Certain electric and electronic equipment may face problems including erratic behavior, data losses, and data corruption. In order to avoid these problems, we design Ultra-Isolation Transformers that eliminate these issues as well as assure safety.

Over and above features of an Isolation Transformer, the Ultra Isolation Transformer provides noise attenuation by filtering electrical disturbances, namely, spikes and transients, giving a pure sign wave voltage output.

What is a K-Rated Isolation Transfomer?
This equipment is utilized to protect sensitive electronic systems from an erratic operation and failure due to power line transients, noise, or factors due to high harmonic current caused by the load.

The overall function of the K-rated Isolation Transformer is to deliver conditioned power to a nonlinear high-harmonic current load and operate at safe temperatures while minimizing the harmonic current delivered to the power grid. An additional function of the equipment is to attenuate both common-mode and transverse mode noise going to the load.

The product is offered with four different k-factors standard. The k-factor is a means of rating the transformer’s ability to withstand the heating effects of harmonic and fundamental current flowing in the transformer. Utilization of the proper k-factor is absolutely essential in every installation. If too low a k-factor is used, it can result in failure, fire, overheating, and wave form distortion.