Amaze AN 2300+ Inverter

  • Advanced LCD display showing battery backup time, battery charging time and %age load running on inverter
  • User selectable charging current from 8A to 21A . Select 21A for super fast battery charging
  • Optimize for back up time and high performance of appliances during power cut by setting output voltage between 200V-240V
  • Main by-pass switch that keeps supplying output from mains without making any changes in wiring in case of fault in the inverter
  • Battery charging starts at 95V and fast charging via full charging current from 120V input voltage


VA rating 2000VA / 24V

Rated power : 1600W

Pure sine wave inverter

Supports double battery

Compatible with tubular, flat plate & SMF batteries

Application area – home, office & small commercial establishment

Running appliances – fans, refrigerator, mixer grinder, laptops, LED TV, lights, personal computer