Amara Raja Amaron Quanta SMF Batteries

Supply and installation of new (replacement) batteries for your UPS systems from leading provider of power backup and conditioning equipment in Hyderabad.

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Advanced Technology

Amara Raja Amaron Quanta SMF Batteries feature advanced lead-calcium alloy grids that ensure high performance and longer service life. These batteries are designed to deliver reliable power backup for critical applications, making them ideal for use in UPS systems.

Maintenance-Free Operation

The maintenance-free design of Amara Raja Amaron Quanta SMF Batteries eliminates the need for regular watering and electrolyte maintenance. This feature ensures hassle-free operation and reduces the total cost of ownership over the battery's lifespan.

Enhanced Durability

With robust construction and superior components, Amara Raja Amaron Quanta SMF Batteries are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and high operating temperatures. Their rugged design ensures durability and reliability, making them suitable for use in various industrial and commercial settings.

Amara Raja Amaron Quanta SMF Batteries
Amara Raja Amaron Quanta SMF Batteries

Amaron Quanta Technical Data

*EMV: End Module Voltage

Amaron Quanta Recharge Characteristics

The maximum current limit in either charge provision will be 25% of the rated capacity (AH) at a 20 - hour rate.

Supply and Installation of Quanta SMF Batteries


Our supply service encompasses the delivery of batteries and accessories, including the battery rack, battery interlinks, UPS-to-battery cables, and DC battery breaker, directly to the designated installation or storage area within your premises. We ensure prompt and safe delivery, facilitating a seamless installation process for your convenience.


As part of our comprehensive service, our expert technicians will carefully position the new or replacement batteries within the designated battery rack. We ensure proper interlinking of the batteries and complete the necessary connections between the UPS and battery bank. Our meticulous approach guarantees optimal functionality and performance of your power backup system.

Testing and Commissioning

Following the installation of new or replacement batteries, we conduct comprehensive testing of the battery voltages to ensure optimal performance. Our team then proceeds to commission the UPS system, seamlessly integrating the connected batteries to ensure reliable operation. Upon completion, we provide a detailed field service report (FSR) outlining the work carried out, ensuring transparency and accountability in our service delivery.

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Excellent and proactive service. Very efficient staff. Great range of products. Been using their products and services for over 6 years now and highly satisfied.

Rimple Chawla

Excellent Service. Got Battery Replacement and General Service done for 3 of my APC UPS units. Professional and Timely Service.

Ramakrishna Akella

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the available capacities for Amara Raja Quanta batteries?

Amara Raja Quanta batteries are available in various capacities, including 26 Ah, 42 Ah, 65 Ah, 100 Ah, 120 Ah, 160 Ah, and 200 Ah, catering to diverse power backup requirements.

What is VRLA?

VRLA stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid. It is a type of battery that utilizes a one-way pressure-relief valve system to prevent the buildup of excessive internal pressure. VRLA batteries, including SMF (Sealed Maintenance-Free) batteries, are designed to be maintenance-free and require no periodic watering or electrolyte maintenance.

What are SMF batteries? How do they differ from maintenance batteries?

SMF (Sealed Maintenance-Free) batteries, such as Amara Raja Quanta Batteries, are a type of VRLA battery that is designed to be maintenance-free. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries that require regular watering and electrolyte maintenance, SMF batteries are sealed and do not require such maintenance. They offer convenience and reliability for critical power backup applications.

Do you buy back old scrap batteries?

Yes, we offer a buyback service for old scrap batteries. Customers can exchange their old batteries when purchasing Amara Raja Quanta Batteries, ensuring responsible disposal and environmental sustainability.

What accessories do you supply with the batteries?

We provide a range of accessories with Amara Raja Quanta Batteries, including battery racks, DC breakers, lugs, battery-to-battery interlinks, and UPS-to-battery cables. These accessories ensure proper installation and efficient operation of the batteries within the UPS system.

Do you perform complete input and output wiring of the UPS systems with batteries?

Yes, our comprehensive service includes complete input and output wiring of the UPS systems with batteries, adhering to the specifications provided by the UPS manufacturer. We ensure proper wiring to optimize system performance and reliability.

Do you deliver the batteries to customer premises?

Yes, we offer delivery services for Amara Raja Quanta Batteries, ensuring prompt and convenient delivery to the customer's premises. Our delivery team ensures safe transportation and placement of the batteries to the designated area within the customer's premises.

What does your complete service include?

Our complete service includes positioning the UPS and battery rack for optimal space utilization and service access. We install the DC battery breaker and perform battery interlinking and UPS-to-battery connections via the DC battery breaker. Additionally, we conduct post-installation battery voltage testing and commission the UPS system along with batteries into production, ensuring reliable operation and performance.